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About Us

We’re a direct care, general practice office, with a focus on hormone replacement, medical weight loss, ADHD treatment and medical cannabis evaluations.


As a direct care clinic, we do not bill insurance companies, instead you will pay at the time of service. Using this direct care model we eliminate insurance companies from directing your care. We believe the management of your health conditions should be between you and your physician, not an insurance company trying to keep their costs down. With insurance out of the picture we can focus on issues that insurance traditionally refuses to cover. 


We’re an integrative health clinic that focuses on the whole individual; not just the disease. Integrative medicine uses conventional treatments (like medication) along with complementary therapies (like nutritional supplements and exercise) to bring about positive changes in your overall health. We understand that you can’t treat one body system without affecting others. In this way, integrative medicine “integrates” all aspects of your well-being to achieve optimal health and healing. 

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