Telemedicine Visit 


Step 1

Fill out the form below and submit. Be sure to attach a photo of your Arkansas ID and any document showing you have one of the certifying conditions. 

General Health Form 
Have you reviewed the HIPAA policy
How would you like to be notified about you health.
Is it ok to leave voice mail.
Upload Driver License
Upload Medical Records

The cost of the visit is $160 and will be collected via credit/debit card on the day of your visit. We do not offer refunds after the service has been provided. It's your responsibility to know and abide by all your state and local laws, Mabry Medical will not be held accountable for any infractions you accrue if you should break these state, local or federal laws.

Thanks for submitting!

Step 2

You will next need to schedule an appointment online. When you schedule please be sure to indicate its a "telemedicine visit".

Step 3

We'll call you on the day and time of your visit. your visit will go as follows:

  • We will start by collecting the payment of $160 with a card over the phone.

  • We will then transition into your telemedicine visit, by reviewing your documentation, discussing your health history, looking over your medication list, checking for reactions, and discussing with you how marijuana can benefit you.

  • At the conclusion of the visit, we will email your discharge summary, your certification papers, and a receipt.

Step 4

You will then submit the papers to the state for processing.